BMX The Game is finally here

It’s been a long wait but early access to BMX The Game is finally available on STEAM.

A statement from the developers said: “It’s been a long time since we last spoke. In this time many things have happened, some good but others not so much. The truth is, despite the rumors and inactivity in social networks, we haven’t stopped producing. We have put in a lot of effort to achieve the goal that was set and bring the game the community deserves.

“In this time, we got some funding and with that, we set up a small, young and competitive development team. We restructured the game idea, we’ve designed and planned the basics of what we wanted to build in the future.

“As in many other developments, the process hasn’t been as easy or quick as we expected. It has been a rough, long process full of obstacles, uncertainty and unforeseen events. Luckily, we have been surrounded by people who have always trusted us and the project. Thanks to this, we have grown and learnt much during the process and we have been able to create a solid basis to work with, together with the community feedback, as long ago.

“A few months ago, we considered the possibility of launching the game on all platforms at the same time, Steam, PS and Xbox, but due to certain unexpected circumstances such as COVID-19 and other concerns, mainly economic, we expected the development could be stretched, having an impact on the community. So we decided to make some adjustments in the production, put off some features that were still being developed, gather all the work done and start to distribute it, beginning by those who first trusted us.

“Therefore, as you can imagine, we are preparing the release of the Early Access of BMX The Game on Steam for August 28, 2020.

“Beloved friend, we are not able to express how grateful we are for having placed your trust in us. It was the key motor to cheer us up and see that creating a BMX game had sense. We are still working to polish many things, from the Riding to the grind helpers and even we will include a great number of trick animations. But we want you, as soon as possible, check it out to see that what we are creating is huge and everlasting.

Answer this form so that we can send you your Steam key at the earliest.

“As you can see, we have changed the web and opened other channels, like the Steam Store page and Discord. We invite you to join Discord, that way we can have closer and more effective contact. Currently, we are a very limited development team and yet we don’t have much staff that work on social networks, so be patient if we don’t answer instantly. 

“Thanks for your reliance, we hope from now on we could start and enjoy a new stage together.”

  • BMX The Game is finally here