It’s never a bad time to tend to your garden but with summer just around the corner, spring is the perfect time to get your yard in order so you can enjoy it all summer long. It takes more than just uncovering the patio furniture though. If you really want a space to enjoy and entertain friends and family on those warm sunny afternoons, try these tips to make your outdoor space a special one.


Work on your water features

Fountains, ponds and (if you’re lucky) pools are all incredible additions to a backyard. They create a peaceful ambience and maybe even offer you the chance to dip your toes. Maintenance and upkeep, on the other hand, is nothing to get excited about but it is a great place to start when preparing your yard for the season ahead.


You can begin by investing in a submersible water pump for draining your pond, which will turn the murky and debris-filled water crystal clear. The same can be done for a fountain, depending on its size. Clear leaves, debris and dirty water before refilling with a garden hose to get the intended results.


Care for your lawn

Green space all to yourself is a treat when the sun finally comes out but to get it healthy and lush takes a bit of TLC in the spring. Leaves might have protected your grass from snow or frost during the winter but spring is the time to rake them up. And before you pull out the mower to do a pass or two, consider aerating your lawn and reseeding to make sure it gets all the nutrients it needs to come in evenly.


Do some deep cleaning

A new season gives you the chance to change up the layout of your patio furniture and maximize feng shui. But before you begin, take the opportunity to deep clean your deck, patio stones or fence with a pressure washer. This way you won’t get any splashback stuck to your seats or table. But if your lawn furniture needs a deep clean and can withstand the power, you can take your pressure washer to them too and make them feel brand new.


Clean in spring for a better summer

With just a power washer, a durable and reliable dirty water pump and a little elbow grease, you can begin making your backyard feel like new again in no time. If you take the time this spring to prepare your backyard, you’ll have more free time to enjoy it when it counts most.



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