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Thortful's Top 20 Rewatchable Box sets list

Greetings card company, Thortful have compiled a finite list of 20 of the television shows that the British public deem ‘most rewatchable’.

Friends takes the number one spot, followed by Breaking Bad in second place and The Sopranos in third.

The card company found that searches for “best box sets of all time” have seen an increase of 450% over the past year. In addition, searches for “best tv shows of all time” have gone up by 60% over the past year.

Thortful said it created its list by carrying out desk research to find out what were the most popular box sets. The company then created a weighed index using the following metrics: date, IMDB rating, number of reviews per year and Google search trends. 

Thortful’s list can be found below: 

1. Friends

2. Breaking Bad

3. The Sopranos

4. Dexter

5. Modern Family

6. The Walking Dead

7. The Office (US)

8. Grey’s Anatomy

9. The Wire

10. Sherlock

11. Lost

12. Doctor Who 

13. The Big Bang Theory

14. Criminal Minds

15. Supernatural 

16. The X Files

17. Doc Martin

18. Mr Bean

19. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

20. Steptoe and Son


Friends takes the top spot in this list. Thortful’s found that Netflix reportedly paid $100 million for the right to air the show on their platform in 2019. (

The top nine shows on the list were all created overseas, yet were found to be within the British public’s top ten choices. 

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About Thortful:

Thortful is an online greetings card marketplace, providing a platform for independent creatives to sell their designs from all over the globe. Thortful said they pay their creators an industry-leading royalty rate each time one of their card designs are sold, as well as handling all production and customer queries, providing a quick and easy service for both customers and sellers.

The card company also have an app. The Thortful app will allow users to browse a wide selection of unique cards not found on the high street. There is also an option to schedule card deliveries and add handwritten messages. The company’s website can be found here: