By Maia Jarvis

As someone who turns on my speakers as soon as I get through the front door, finding the right sound system is unspeakably important (pun intended).

The last decade has seen swift changes in the way people consume and listen to media, especially music. In some bizarre retrograde motion, a generation of indie teens with record players have emerged and the phenomenon has even got a Wikipedia page dedicated to it entitled the ‚ÄòVinyl Revival‚Äô. Looking at the big picture, however, mass digitalisation has meant the fading out of CDs to make way for iTunes as well as streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal. Everyone nowadays listens to music through their phone which leads me on to this showcase of the best iPhone speaker docks. They‚Äôre simple to use and most are capable of producing great sound quality; just plug your phone in and you‚Äôll be blasting out your favourite summer tunes! Bose SoundDock XTBose SoundDock XT ¬£99.95 Amazon Whether it‚Äôs over-ear headphones or wireless speakers, Bose never fail to deliver great sound quality. It‚Äôs compatible with iPod and iPhone models that have an Apple Lightning connector but handily, the dock also has an auxiliary input. This means that Android phones can be connected for those stubborn few who haven‚Äôt let the tech behemoth that is Apple enter their lives. The dock has a stylish design featuring a white body with a grey accent. Amazon users give it a solid 4.6 out of 5 stars. iWantit IPH1112 Speaker DockGOJI¬†GRLIB14 Portable Speaker Dock ¬£19.99 Looking for a more wallet-friendly option? This Goji dock should be right up your alley. At only ¬£20, it has an aux-in socket so you can play from almost any device. Another great feature is that it can rely on either mains or battery power. This makes the Goji dock portable and with an impressive eight hours of playback, it’s bound to keep you entertained on the move. Considering the price, you shouldn‚Äôt expect subwoofer type bass quality with this model. Although with customers of Currys giving the dock 7.3 out of 10, it seems it seems to be great value for money. Hale DreamerHale Dreamer Alarm Clock Speaker Dock ¬£30.65 This quirky looking dock is designed especially for Android phones but also doubles as an alarm clock. You can choose from pre-loaded ringtones or wake up to whatever song is your current jam. Its compact design means it will sit comfortably on your nightstand and after the alarm has woken you up, its 10w speakers will pump out a powerful soundtrack to accompany your morning routine.     Zeppelin AirB&W Zeppelin Air ¬£499 It comes with a price tag, but according to many reviews it seems that the Zepplin Air is one of the best high-end iPhone docks. The device is AirPlay enabled meaning you can stream music wirelessly from your Mac, not just your phone. Tech site, What Hifi?, states it has a ‚Äòsparkling treble‚Äô as well as ‚Äòwell defined bass‚Äô and its professional reviewers give it 5 stars. Great things have also been said about its little brother, the Zeppelin Mini, so if you don‚Äôt fancy splashing half a grand on a speaker, perhaps take a look at its slightly cheaper relative. iTreeiTree iPod Dock ¬£11,160 We had to include something a bit quirky and upon googling ‚Äòmost expensive iPhone dock‚Äô, we stumbled upon this bizarre creation. To say the iTree iPod Dock is out-of-the-box would be a gross understatement. Austrian design group, KMKG Studio evidently had a mantra of ‚Äògo big or go home‚Äô when creating this speaker. It‚Äôs created by hollowing out a trunk and then inserting some impressive tech to create a sort of cyborg tree. Every iTree is unique and customers can choose from different woods and sizes, with some of the docks measuring up to 400cm. I mean who doesn‚Äôt want a whole tree in their house which you can chuck your phone in and play your favourite tracks from? If you happen to have ¬£11,000 just lying around, feel free to invest in this wacky hybrid of nature and technology.