Beginner’s Gaming Guide: How to Find the Perfect Title

It feels like just about everyone today is a gamer. Back in the day, this might have meant spending hours before a screen, but the modern reality is a lot more casual. Millions of gamers today use only their smartphones or handheld consoles to enjoy their favorite titles.

Being a gamer is also a lot more involved than just sitting down to play. A modern gamer might be more invested in the world and characters than in taking down bosses. They might even be into certain games simply because they like being part of the community, whether on YouTube, Twitch, or other forums.

Now that eSports has taken off, some gamers are more like spectators than hardcore players. They like to dabble, but they love to watch professional players do their thing in major tournaments and events. With many more eSports teams getting established, they have followings on par with pro sports teams. 

Still, despite the diversification, it can be hard to know where to start in the gaming world. We’ve got suggestions lined up for you below through some of the most popular categories. Let’s start with more casual genres before moving into the big leagues.


Card Games: Blackjack

Card games have been around for centuries and remain popular for gamers. If you’re not sure where to start, then blackjack is a great jumping-off point. You can play blackjack online after signing up with a registered virtual casino, which doesn’t take too long. From there, you’ll have access to guides that cover the game’s rules, a few intros to the basic strategies, and table games that let you play for real money or just for fun. Just remember to brush up on your maths skills beforehand.


Puzzle Games: Monument Valley

Monument Valley is one of the most well-known and highly acclaimed puzzles ever released. In fact, many credit hits like this with helping put casual mobile gaming on the map. This title takes you into a highly visual and beautifully designed world in which you’ll need to navigate visual puzzles. Each level introduces new challenges, along with new color palettes and a slowly unfolding narrative. We recommend trying this game out on a tablet rather than a smartphone so that you can soak up all the tiny details.


Sports Games: FIFA

Sports games move a lot faster than card games or puzzles—but you’ll be a bit more familiar with the football games in FIFA. Because FIFA and EA Sports have worked together (PSA: the partnership recently ended), you’ll recognize the actual names and likenesses of some of Europe’s biggest football stars. Similarly, the mechanics of running around a virtual pitch are a lot easier to handle than other adventure titles. Plus, if you get good enough, you may even be able to compete in the official ePremier League.

Action-Adventure Games: Uncharted

Like sports games, action-adventure titles are hugely popular entry points into the world of competitive gaming. Unlike sports simulations, action-adventure games usually include a few unique mechanics and storylines. Fantasy themes are popular, along with hardboiled adventure tales like the Uncharted Series. This game is particularly good for newcomers because they might have seen the Tom Holland-headed film. Even if they haven’t, the game’s mission and controls are straightforward enough to get the hang of after a few hours.


FPSs: Deathloop

FPS or first-person shooter games are some of the most unforgiving in the world in terms of competitiveness and accuracy. Top players have milliseconds to hit their targets, which can make any FPS intimidating for a newcomer. However, Deathloop beautifully blends FPS games with other genres, creating a first-person shooter that also incorporates a time-twisting storyline, survival elements, and an emphasis on stealth that doesn’t always involve firearms.


MOBAs: Pokémon Unite

MOBAs or multiplayer online battle arenas, like FPS games, are tougher for beginners. MOBA players tend to have the same level of accuracy as FPS players while also working with large teams and using complex strategies. This can make starting out intimidating and overwhelming. Pokémon Unite offers a more relaxed approach to its MOBA. Not only are the characters and their powers more recognizable, but the game is designed for more casual play.