I knew it would happen. I predicted it last week. And it’s the biggest thing that I have against fad diets. I’m talking about the ‘rebound’ effect.

Where the fat fairy visits you again and again and again after a week of extreme weight loss nullifying the loss altogether.

So with the grapefruit diet I managed to lose half a stone and went from 17stone 9 pounds to 17stone 2 pounds in one week. According to the scales this morning, I now weight 17stone 7 pounds. So I’ve put on five pounds this week. And I haven’t been pigging out.

In fact I’ve tried to go back to my calorie controlled diet that had been serving me well before. But my body just rebounded. According to some people this is a common effect with fad dieting as your body gets so starved of food that once it starts getting normal food again it starts storing it as fat straight away in case I suddenly starve myself again. It’s not fair. Bloody survival mechanism.

At the same time my waist is still the same as it was last week at 114cms so I don’t know where the extra weight is going. Anyway, in the big scheme of things this is no big deal as my overall goal is long term. And I’m still well down from my 18stone 4pounds.

So for the rest of this month my goal is to lose the five pounds I put on this week. And that will go towards my ultimate goal of losing three stone by the end of June so that I’m not saddled with carrying that much extra weight as I start my training for October’s Birmingham Marathon in aid of ICP Support. To find out exactly what I’m doing press here.

Exercise wise I did a couple of quite fast but short runs this week but next week I’ve got a huge lot of running to do according to my Nike+ slavedriver app. Anyway, it’s a short entry this week I’m afraid as it’s my daughter’s fourth birthday and we’re off to the zoo. I promise I won’t eat too much cake. Yours a bit guttedly, Fat Jamie