Tyler's Top TV: Come Dine With Me

By Tyler Ody

Hey everybody it’s Tyler here. I am doing a deep dive into Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me.

Come Dine With Me is a British reality series produced and distributed by ITV Studios, and broadcasted on Channel 4 every teatime since 10 January 2005. It is also repeated during several hours of the day.

The show features five amateur chefs and each week of episodes is based at one town at a time. Each chef takes it in turns to host a three-course dinner party.

Each contestant then rates each other’s hosting and food after the dinner party, in the taxi. The highest scorer will win a top cash prize of £1,000 pounds. In the earlier series, there were four chefs instead of five.

Come Dine With Me is narrated by Dave Lamb who in my opinion, makes the show really funny. His amusing one liners are great and without him I don’t think it would of stayed on telly.

There have been viral moments in Come Dine With Me, such as in a 2016 episode when a contestant said  rude comment to the winner (see below)


There was also a contestant named Kev that gained particular attention by putting a balloon whisk into his mouth. He later said he did it as a spur of the moment to make the producer laugh:

Come Dine With Me is shown in the UK and in other countries around the world, including Spain, America Belgium, and Italy. I think this is great and I am glad that it has been commissioned around the world.

Since Series 2, there have been celebrity editions to go along with the standard daily show.

One celebrity show in particular that I found interesting was the Game Show hosts episode with Michael Barrymore. I felt he was trying to get his TV career back on track (which failed). He caused mayhem and was constantly winding people up. One of these people being Anthea Redfern, who I think secretly liked him.

There are other editions to the show such as a Couples edition, where three couples compete to win the cash prize.

In 2013, the programme had a Spin off called Come Date With Me which only lasted one series in the UK which was based on dining as well as dating.

As of 2020, there have been 45 series broadcasted, and my home-town Swindon has appeared on Come Dine With Me - sadly I was not a contestant as I am a not-so-good cook.

I really love this show because I like the narrator and the contestants often make me laugh. The show inspires me to try cooking one day. 

I hope as a fan of the show, that it keeps on going as it is really popular programme and it gains over one million viewers a day. I also hope they do not change Dave Lamb as he is the charm of Come Dine With Me.

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