Top European Holiday Destinations in 2017

2017 is your year to explore the world and the greatest place for you to start your journey is, of course, Europe. Here you’ll find so many varieties of destinations that you’ll never get bored of it and some of the best places to visit are surprisingly closer to home than expected. So, to help you plan your holiday this year, here are some of the best European destinations to visit in 2017. So, grab your E111 cards and get ready to make 2017 your year… France: The Dordogne The Dordogne has become increasingly popular over the past few years, so if you want to see it before it gets too busy this year is your chance. This tranquil piece of paradise will show you the beauty of rural and the art of enjoying the little things in life. You’ll find tiny medieval towns and villages, where cafés and bistros line cobbled roads and hillside castles can be seen in the distance. The weather is normally wonderfully warm during the summer and the locals are always out and about, buying from local markets and lounging outside restaurants. Here you’ll find incredible food, unbelievable scenery and a peacefulness that will put you at ease as soon as you arrive. Portugal: Lisbon For the nightlife lovers and culture fiends, this is the destination you should visit this year. This old city has an eclectic mix of old and new throughout it. In worn out and tired buildings you’ll find some of the newest and most popular bars and restaurants. Around the houses and side streets you’ll find vibrant street art covering crumbling walls. Lisbon is one of the most colourful cities you will ever see in your life. There’s a diverse nightlife for all kinds of music and fun lovers as well as beautiful museums and fascinating historic buildings where you can escape the amazingly bright sun. It can get very hot during the summer, so be aware of what sort of temperatures you’re in for. Either stock up on sun screen and water or visit during the colder months to get the most out of your holiday. U.K: Bristol A staycation is a great money saver and can show you parts of your country you would have never known about otherwise. If you haven’t visited Bristol yet then this is the year to do so. You’ll find a thriving art community here, giving new life to the industrial city and luring in creatives from all over the world. You can even find an open-air graffiti gallery where you can view some of the best street art and explore the intersecting alleyways to find some of Banksy’s first creations. All of this creativity is shared around the city and used to create some of the best U.K. nightlife and music. Listen to up-and-coming museums in upcycled venues and eat delicious food inspired by every culture under the sun. This is the sort of city you need to explore if you want to find all of its hidden gems.