Tips and Tricks for Organizing a Space

A messy house can become overwhelming mentally and emotionally, and getting it organized sounds easier than it is. Standing in front of a messy room can leave you with no idea how or where to start. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a plan and some great ideas to help you get your home organized.

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Start Small

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with a messy space or home. It’s much easier to start with one drawer, area, or room and focus on getting that tidied first. 

Pile it Up

Once you’ve decided on an area to start with, pull everything out and start sifting through it. Ask yourself whether you really use each item and how often.


Sort the items into sections, what you want to keep, what you’re giving away, and what needs to be thrown away. Once you only have the items you want to keep, you can sort them into appropriate spaces.


When sorting storage areas like drawers or shelving, consider buying or making dividers for each item or group of items to fit into. Blocking drawers out like this makes it easy to find things and keep them clean in the future. When it comes to shelving, you can store small items in labelled boxes or baskets to hide any clutter and keep the shelves looking tidy.

Use Hanging Space

There are many ingenious ways you can hang items up to save space in your home. Use command hooks or a metal rail to hang your pots and pans; this makes them easy to store and grab in a hurry and saves valuable cupboard space. Hanging one over the sink can give you storage for things like towels, mugs, or measuring spoons. You can also store large knives on a magnet mounted on your wall, saving drawer or counter space.


Moving to linen and clothing, you can install a towel rack for extra linen, towels, or tablecloths in your linen closet. You could also invest in a fold-out dry rack in your laundry or bathroom for additional drying space or indoor hanging on rainy days. 

Stop Clutter With Some Decor

Open, flat surfaces like tables are clutter magnets and seem to gather clutter from the far corners of the house. It’s a bit more difficult to dump something on a table if there’s something on it already. Rejuvenate your home’s decor and avoid clutter by placing something pretty on tables that gather clutter often. You can even reuse or recycle items you were going to throw or give away to make something totally unique.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that organizing can be a challenge. Once you’ve sorted through some spaces, remember to take a step back, take a deep breath, and admire the work you’ve done. Hopefully, you would’ve created extra space and cleared your head and home of some clutter with our tips.