A new company has been formed that is definitely good news for people who like reading about community stuff, business and what’s on.

And us lot from The Ocelot are part of it. Positive Media Group is the new umbrella company that comprises Swindon Link, The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire and everybody’s favourite entertainment guide The Ocelot, which has only just been added to the growing stable of publications.

This comes at the same time as the new company moves to the very prestigious Arclight building which overlooks Peatmoor Lagoon in Swindon and was the former home of Cellular Operations.

The newly formed group will be sharing the offices with sister firm Excalibur Communications. A pretty impressive building that looks like a big glass cigar.

And a bit better than anything us lot from The Ocelot have ever worked in before - even going back to the days when we were based at Draycott Aerodrome and had a toilet built by Log Off.

Each publication is also accompanied by a new state-of-the-art website and mobile app which means readers will always be kept up to date with the latest community, business and entertainment news.

There will also be an overall website for the group at¬†www.positvemediagroup.press Group editor Jamie Hill, who you might know as¬†The Ocelot’s editor for the past nine years, said:¬†“We’re now the largest headquartered media¬†provider in Swindon with an unrivalled reach covering¬†a range of demographics from business to community¬†groups to the going out crowd. Every publication is free¬†for our readers whether online or picking it up off their¬†doormat, which is good for advertisers and something¬†we will always stand by. Overall the group will be¬†going to more than 1 ,000 public places and businesses¬†across the area and 25,000 homes plus tens of¬†thousands online. “These three publications complement each other,¬†giving readers and advertisers comprehensive¬†coverage of all facets of life. Positive Media Group¬†really suits what we do as each publication sets out to¬†shout about the good news in our town, from the grass¬†roots community coverage that The Link provides, the¬†economic success of Swindon covered by The Business¬†Exchange and our vibrant cultural landscape that The¬†Ocelot promotes.” Overall the three titles have been at the centre of¬†community life for 36 years with The Link’s beginnings¬†all the way back in 1 979, The Ocelot from 2006 and¬†The Business Exchange in 201 3. All three publications¬†retain their original characters with Link founders Ruth¬†and Roger Ogle, Ocelot editor Jamie Hill and TBE¬†editor Anita Jaynes all being a major part of the team¬†meaning each magazine stays true to their roots¬†serving the local communities that they have always¬†served, essentially doing what they have always done. Group owner James Phipps said: “I am very¬†excited by the formation of Positive Media Group. I¬†believe that the three publications together will be a¬†major force on the Swindon media landscape for many¬†years to come. Link, Ocelot and The Business Exchange¬†have very different content. We now have an¬†unrivalled offering for our readers and fantastic¬†opportunities for advertisers to reach out to them.” For more information about each publication visit: www.swindonlink.com www.tbeswindonandwilts.co.uk www.theocelot.co.uk