The Ocelot¬†is now part of the Swindon based Positive Media Group and, with stablemate publications Swindon Link¬†and The Business Exchange Wiltshire & Swindon, we have moved in with Excalibur Communications at Arclite House, overlooking Peatmoor Lagoon in Swindon. It was not long ago that The Ocelot was run from a home office (and not a shed! Honest!) in the editor’s garden. Things have changed a bit since then and now The Ocelot can be found residing laconically next to a lagoon in a building that looks like a skyscraper on its side. A grass-scraper if you will. The September edition¬†marks the 111th edition of The Ocelot since its humble first edition back in July 2006 more than nine years ago. Things have changed a lot since those pre-recession days back in 2006. No-one had heard of Dapper Laughs for a start. Businesses are as keen as ever to advertise in The Ocelot¬†and we continue to¬†make sure that our content is always interesting and relevant to our going-out readership. This month¬†The Business Exchange Wiltshire & Swindon is celebrating its second year of publication and The Link¬†has published 400¬†editions since it started in ¬†1978. All the magazines now have a new telephone number which is 01793 744677. To contact The Ocelot,¬†mail Jamie Hill jamie@theocelot.co.uk To contact Swindon Link, mail Jamie Hill publisher@swindonlink.com To contact the Business Exchange, mail Anita Jaynes anita@tbeswindonandwilts.co.uk Pictured top by Richard Wintle of¬†Calyx, The Positive Media Group team outside Arclite House, from left, Anita Jaynes, Dave Stewart, James Phipps, Jamie Hill, Ruth Ogle, Sue Roberts, Roger Ogle. Below, cake for the team, sans Dave, at Arclite. Bottom, the view from inside   positive media group arclite house view