Team Ocelot went to check out Junkyard Golf Club. The review is in!

Westgate Shopping Centre, Castle Street, Oxford OX1 1PB.

Imagine an adult play centre, combined with crazy golf and alcohol, on acid. That was pretty much my first thought when I entered Junkyard Golf Club, and my last thought when I left.

The Ocelot headed over to Junkyard Golf for its launch in Oxford, and it was next level. On arrival guests were complimented with a free tote bag and neon visor to get into the swing of things. Comprised of an upstairs bar, American diner, and three very unique and impressively designed underground courses, this is an evening’s entertainment sorted. The courses: Pablo: The jungle themed desert island dream you wish you were stranded on, which also feels like an obstacle course - there is also a bar. Gary: Literally a scrap yard made into an interactive playground for adults with UV lights - there is also a bar. Bozo: A rather enjoyable yet morbid mind-bender of a fun fair complete with a skull ferris wheel and mirror maze - there is also a bar. Speaking of bars, the drinks menu is in a league of its own with fabulous headlining acts including Ribena Turner, Tequil-ing Me Softly, Cider Woods, and Obi Wan Banofee. As mentioned before, with said American diner vibes, there’s a range of totally awesome snacks from a Naked Hot Dog and Nacho Dog, to Pulled Pork Nachos and popcorn. The hole in one was actually the staff. As it was launch night I had to ask if some sort of ‘be happy even if you’re dying inside’ memo went around before opening. But no. The team in Oxford were all genuinely enjoying the night, and why wouldn’t they? Everyone was in good spirits, and playing the funnest round of golf, whilst listening to funk and soul. I nearly handed in my CV. It was a tough choice but my vote of favourite courses goes to… Nope can’t decide. Luckily Team Ocelot are planning another trip out to help me reach my verdict. Much to my dismay children are welcome at allocated day time hours, but after dark Junkyard Golf transcends into an adult golf-themed Centre Parks. For all the official details go to www.junkyardgolfclub.co.uk

  • Team Ocelot went to check out Junkyard Golf Club. The review is in!