Some of our 'industry contacts' have come up with a Christmas buying guide for the discerning music fan

DING DONG! It’s December. How did that happen?

With Christmas fast-approaching, there are a few things you reeeeally need to start thinking about. So our friends at Chuff Media have made a list: 1. GET THAT ADVENT CALENDAR SORTED! You’ve really dropped the ball on this one haven’t you? We’re like a week in now! So go on. Hop on down to the cornershop and cross your fingers they’ve got one left. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. You’re back? Good. 2. Right, let’s start thinking about those Christmas gifts! We know that in any one family, it can be a struggle to get everyone what they want or deserve. Which is why this year, we’ve compiled a bunch of gift guides for the people closest to you. A ticket makes a great gift, so whether it’s your still-rocking dad or your uncle who loves a bit of live comedy, we’ve got you covered. Cast your eyes over the family gift guides below! What to buy for… Your Dad Who Rocks What to buy for… Your Mum (Who Deserves The World) What to buy for… The Pop Lover In Your Life What to buy for… The Mini-Mosher In Your Family What to buy for… Your Cousin Who’s Cooler Than You What to buy for… The Fresher In Your Family What to buy for… Your Uncle Who Loves A Laugh