Six of the Biggest Casino Resorts That Are Well Worth a Visit

Sands Casino in Macao

When it comes to brick and mortar casinos that are well worth a visit, then you certainly cannot go wrong with a trip to some of the biggest casinos in the world. Some of these casinos are so large that you could be forgiven for thinking they are a small town instead. So, what are some of the biggest land-based casinos? Well, keep on reading and you will find out.

Sands Macao in Macao, China

When it comes to gambling destinations in the Far East, Macao is the place that you have to go. If you ever visit Macao, then we really recommend that you take a trip to the Sands Macao Casino Resort. Here you will be able to walk through 230,000 square feet that contains 200 table games and over 1,000 slot machines. When you do not feel like gambling, then you can pamper yourself at the luxurious spa or be thoroughly entertained at the theater. When hunger strikes, there are nine great places where you can satiate your hunger.

I went to this magnificent casino resort a couple of years ago and was blown away by the experience. I was not a gambler at the time, but a friend of mine was meant to be going with his wife, but they split up so he asked if I wanted to join him on the trip of a lifetime. Not being one to turn down the chance of an adventure, I accepted his offer. It definitely was worth the long flight over from Ireland. I had such a great time that I did not even want to go back to Ireland, but I had to, of course. I had gotten a taste for casino games and wanted to carry on gambling when I got home, but there are no land-based casinos near me. However, my friend pointed me in the direction of www.betinireland.ie/casino, which is a great site that is dedicated to helping Irish gamblers find the best online casinos. So, although I would much rather be in Macao, I can still enjoy my favourite casino games when I get the urge.

City of Dreams in Macao, China

Sands Macau Casino Resort is huge, but it is like a baby when compared to the City of Dreams. The casino attracts casino players from all over and has 1,500 slot machine games and 450 table of the most popular table games spread out over 420,000 square feet.

If you want to stay at the resort, then there are four different hotels that you can choose from and there are plenty of shops. If your feet start to ache, you can spend some quality time at one of their spas. When it comes to food and drinks, you are spoiled for choice as there are thirty different restaurants and bars. If you love to party, you will be happy to hear that there is a nightclub as well.

Casino Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal

The Casino di Campione used to be the biggest casino in Europe, but when that shut down the honor was passed over to the Casino Lisboa. At this casino resort, there are 1,000 slot machines and 26 varieties of table games such as poker, baccarat, craps, and blackjack spread out over 165,00 square feet. When you feel like taking a break from gambling, you should pay a visit to the art gallery, or head over to the large stage where there is regular entertainment. When you get hungry, there are three restaurants that you can choose from and all make great food.

MGM Grand in Las Vegas, US

This huge casino first opened its doors in 1993 and it is now one of the most popular casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. At this magnificent casino you will be able to choose from 3,000 slot machines and 200 tables games spread out over an impressive 172,000 square feet. This resort also has three luxurious hotels, two theaters, VIP villas, a swimming pool, a spa, one nightclub, twenty-five shops, and fifteen restaurants. In short, all that you need is in one place.

Foxwoods in Connecticut, US

There are six different casinos at this 344,000 square foot casino resort. Overall, you will be able to play around 3,500 slot games and 250 of the best table games. No matter what you like to gamble on, you will be able to find it here.

When you are not playing at the casino, there is a huge shopping center that you should pay a visit. There is also a golf course, a bowling alley, a spa, a zip-line, and around 60 different food and drink outlets.

WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma, US

When it comes to huge casinos, there are none that can compete with the WinStar World Casino Resort as this is built over 600,000 square feet. When you are gambling here, you can choose from 7,000 slot games and 100 of the most popular table games. To add to all of this, there is also a very big bingo hall.

When you do not feel like gambling, there are plenty of other things that you can do to keep yourself entertained. For example, there is a huge sports lounge that shows many popular sports, a spa, a swimming pool, and a nightclub.

Something to Keep in Mind

Gambling at a casino, whether that is an online one or a brick and mortar one, is meant to be fun. When you are no longer having fun, then you should stop. If you think that you are developing a gambling addiction, please get in touch with begambleaware and they will provide you with free and confidential help. They are available 24/7, so please do not hesitate to contact them if you are ever in need. They will always do their best to ensure that you beat your addiction as quickly as possible.

  • Six of the Biggest Casino Resorts That Are Well Worth a Visit

    MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas