Shaping the streets for cyclists

A cycling column with Becky Cox

Have you heard of a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, or LCWIP, for short? Probably not. It’s doesn’t sound very exciting, however it is an important document which, in the very near future, will shape our streets.

Across the UK councils are producing LCWIPs as a planning tool to help prioritise active travel in the coming years, with the aim to make it easier for people to walk and cycle for day-to-day purposes.

Swindon Borough Council has now prepared a LCWIP and are seeking your views on the draft proposals to improve the cycle and walking network across the borough.

The LCWIP aims to provide high quality infrastructure to support the transition to a town where walking and cycling are the preferred choice for shorter trips.

Swindon Cycle Campaign volunteers have been involved in supporting the council in producing this document as we believe it is an essential document to help create a safer, more coherent, attractive environment to cycle in.

If you’d like further details and to read the proposal you can follow this link:


If you are interested in hearing more about the LCWIP, Swindon Cycle Campaign (SCC) are holding an online event on Monday 13 September at 5.30pm to give you a chance to ask the transport planners your valuable questions.

The purpose of the online event is to provide information about the content of the plan and to encourage you to share your thoughts before the end of the consultation period (27 September).

SCC will be putting in a collective response to the document.  If you would like to raise any points about it beforehand, please let us know by contacting us via our website: swindoncyclecampaign.org/

If you are interested in seeing how cycle routes are set to be improved over the coming years, we encourage you to attend this event. It’s an online meeting. For the Zoom details, please visit the SCC Facebook page at www.facebook.com/swindoncyclecampaign

We hope to see you there!