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Review: Time for Sushi Now!

By Gina Akers

I’ve long awaited and eagerly anticipated a real authentic fresh sushi offering in the Swindon area. It seems my wasabi wishes have been answered with the recently opened Sushi Now, providing a huge range of sushi and Japanese food dishes. 

If you’re thinking it’s just raw fish and wasabi (though just the right amount of wasabi on a piece of sushi can taste utterly incredible) this is not the case. Sushi Now offers all your typical sushi favourites including uramaki rolls, maki rolls, nigiri, bento, but also try the Crunchy Katsu Prawn Roll for something extra specially tasty. If you are wanting to avoid any raw fish then just mention this when you order and the knowledgeable team members will advise. I mention this as when I called them they knew their menu inside out, and were able to make brilliantly suited and informed recommendations to me.

BUT that’s not all. As if the massive variety of sushi available wasn’t enough to please even the most fussy of foodies, there is also a vast choice of other wonderful Japanese hot food dishes - I have to mention the Tori Chicken Katsu Curry right now, I just have to, but more on that to follow.

So a much welcomed review of a range of Sushi Now dishes was well on the menu, and I couldn’t wait! 

First for the taste test was the Sushi Combo. A platter of salmon nigiri and salmon roll pieces (other combos also available), and yes it tastes as good as it looks, fresh light rice, great flavour, just brilliant sushi as it should be.

Next was the Crunchy Katsu Prawn Roll - I’d describe this as extra special sushi, very more-ish, and the added explosion of distinctive yet not overpowering flavour in every bite.

So, I carried out my review with a guest (such a delicious food experience was made for sharing) in order to gain a range of opinion and gauge views. The choice my guest made was for me a bit of a wild card but without a doubt became our Sushi Now star - the Panko Takoyaki Balls, deep-fried panko coated takoyaki octopus balls dressed with teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

Not my kind of choice but that was a huge mistake on my part as there was just soft texture with blended purely divine taste, with a little sweetness that complimented the flavour perfectly. This was the star because this was the dish that left us wanting more and battling over those pieces, polite sharing went out of the window! 

As if this wasn’t enough to make us feel outrageously spoilt with the variety of tastes and flavours, we also sampled the Ebi Prawn Gyoza, deep-fried prawn Japanese dumplings with dipping sauce (vegetable and Chicken Gyoza options also available). 

These presented the perfect prawn flavour without being overpowering, and again that magical melt in the mouth effect that was quickly becoming a very popular theme of Sushi Now dishes. 

This leads me on to what is unarguably another star of the Sushi Now show. The go to hot food dish in Japanese dining the Tori Chicken Katsu Curry, panko-breaded chicken breast on Japanese steamed rice with a spiced Japanese curry sauce. This was just about as tasty as it gets, soft tender chicken in the just the right amount of breadcrumb was melt in the mouth with that essential combination of katsu curry sauce and the gentle japenese sticky rice - this dish made for easy eating and I could never get bored of it. If you’re not a fan of chicken or fancy a change then there is also the gorgeous Ebi Prawn Katsu Curry (panko-breaded King Prawns on Japanese steamed rice with a medium-spiced Japanese curry sauce) option or you could go for just Tori Chicken or Ebi Prawn Katsu which is either or without the curry sauce and rice, so chicken or prawns in that wonderful soft breadcrumb coating. 

The perfect complement to all the other dishes was the Tori Chicken Fried Rice, stir-fried marinated chicken with egg and Japanese rice (prawn and vegetable options also available), undoubtedly the nicest and perfectly balanced flavoursome rice I’ve ever tasted. If you’re unsure of Japanese food but know you like rice then this is the ideal starter dish to try.

This is just a very small selection of generous number of choices on the Sushi Now menu. There are also a substantial number of vegetarian dishes. 

Overall Sushi Now is a joy of an eating experience, from the incredibly varied menu that offers something for everyone and all tastes, to the excellent and knowledgeable customer service, speedy delivery (yes as well as order to collect they also deliver!) and most importantly the impeccable quality, flavour and ample portion size of each dish. 

You won’t be disappointed, delicious and an enjoyable experience with a massive menu you could never tire of, if you want to embark on the tastiest of foodie journeys you’re sure to be wanting Sushi Now. 


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  • Review: Time for Sushi Now!

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  • Review: Time for Sushi Now!

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  • Review: Time for Sushi Now!

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