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Gappy Tooth Industries announces line up for Oxford gig next month

Gappy Tooth Industries will be presenting a tripartite gig that will take place at Oxford’s Port Mahon next month. 

Saturday, 26 February will see Magnesium Proverbs, Nossieness and So Long, Space Girl take to the stage. 

Tickets will be priced at £5 on the door, or can be purchased at a slightly discounted rate online at

The estimated running times for the evening are as follows:

19.30  Doors

19.50  Magnesium Proverbs

20.40  Nossiennes

21.30  So Long, Space Girl

23.00  Curfew


Band information:

So Long, Space Girl

A new and upcoming Oxford band, So Long, Space Girl describe their music as “emo-tinged power pop”, and as “sad spacey jams for y’all to rock out to”. A spokesperson for the band said: “They could kick off any good pity party with some big-boned goth-adjacent rock tunes, something like a more optimistic, less snide Placebo.” 

“All thundering drums, grumbling bass and dense guitar fizz, the singer possessed of an impressively fulsome tenor voice that carries the tune effortlessly” - Nightshift.



Nossiennes are an experimental shoegaze band from Bristol.  “This three piece were certainly using every bit of energy they had to rock the little basement stage. These guys had short, simple, punchy lyrics [...] twinned with some brilliant use of loop pedals” - TrueStyleMusic.  “It laps back and forth like a sea of Sonic sound-effects, peaking and troughing. It’s quite Cocteau-Twins-esque, but never in a derivative way. It also sounds very much guided by Brian Eno” -Theresa’s Sound World.


Magnesium Proverbs

Andrew Thompson has played in multiple Oxford bands over the years, including some that have graced the Gappy stage, such as The Corvids, The Thumb Quintet, From Light To Sound and Spinner Fall.  This will be the debut show for his new project, influenced by American primitive guitarists, with elements of the British baroque folk of Davey Graham or Bert Jabnsch thrown in. A spokesperson for the artist said: “Perhaps the best comparison would be Jack Rose with a little hint of the introspective songwriting of Elliott Smith thrown in. Oh, and the act name comes from a Syd Barrett lyric, which is probably reason enough to go see it.”

More information about Gappy Tooth Industries can be found online at or

  • Gappy Tooth Industries announces line up for Oxford gig next month