Eden Community Camps 2020 Go Virtual

Applications are now open for Eden Project Community Camp!

Usually held at the Eden Project in Cornwall, the virtual community camp will offer the same inspiration mix of workshops and networking activities but with the additional benefit of full accreditation. With more spaces available and no travel required, Community Camps are now more accessible than ever before!

Taking the whole programme online is a significant shift for the National Lottery funded programme. Promoted by insights gathered during lockdown, organisers have redesigned the camps to be delivered virtually to meet people’s continuing need to upskill, be inspired and learn how to take positive action in their communities.  

The Eden Project Communities programme is about connecting like-minded people from across the UK, giving them unique shared experiences and helping them to form strong, lasting and supportive relationships. Organisers hope that going virtual will be no barrier to creating impactful connections despite the exceptional circumstances that have prompted this change. 

Diana Vogtel, Network Team Leader for England, Eden Project Communities said: “Over the last 6 months we have seen an amazing response from people supporting each other and their communities during challenging times and many people wanting to get more involved with community activities. Virtual Community Camp is a great opportunity to learn more about how to make positive things happen where you live. We came up with some great ideas on how to translate some of the Eden magic into an online course (so no it won’t be ‘just’ online workshops but lots of opportunities to connect, grow, build and learn from each other) and we are looking forward to meeting new people and their ideas at our Virtual Community Camp.”

Beginning on Monday 12 October, the events will run over five weeks covering marketing, funding, inclusion, resilience, ideas and inspiration.  Camps are created for community members rather than paid professionals and introduce participants to a network of over 1000 supportive, inspiring and creative people — creating connections and bonds, sharing ideas on how to engage and empower people, to support each other through challenges and find that extra motivation.

The sessions will be immersive learning experiences held on Zoom, all from the comfort of home. All participants will be sent a resource pack to get started. There will be practical sessions taking participants on a journey of learning, discovery and connection. Beyond these camps, people who take part can stay connected with even more network members and gain access to future events and network activities too. Since the first Community Camp, 94% of people have gone on to do something in their communities using skills or information they’ve learnt at Camp.

Sara-Jayne Latimer, previous camp participant said: “Community Camp was lifechanging. It gave me the confidence, the skills, and the validation to take those big scary steps. I put it up there with one of the key reasons that I am where I am, and where I’m going to. It was just amazing, and I’d recommend anyone passionate about their community to apply”

Research gathered throughout lockdown has shown there is a growing need to explore new ideas, find inspiration, celebrate community, and give people time to reflect and connect with others and with nature. And Eden Project Communities are looking forward to announcing experiences that can adapt to the changing situation providing opportunities for people who want to explore a better future, for themselves and their communities.

To apply and to find out more about the Community Camps visit https://www.edenprojectcommunities.com/community-camps or if you would like to contact our team you can speak to Eden Project Communities Country Manager Diana Vogtel on dvogtel@edenproject.com