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Blanco Brown Shares Cinematic “CountryTime Music Video - Watch Here

Blanco Brown Shares Cinematic “CountryTime” Music Video – Watch HERE


Song Inspired Creation of Main Character in Netflix’s 
                                Ginny & Georgia


TrailerTrap creator and the mastermind behind the international sensation triple PLATINUM “The Git Up”, Blanco Brown now shares the official video for “CountryTime”. Watch HERE.
                                                                “CountryTime,” considered to embody all that is TrailerTrap, was originally slated to be Blanco’s debut single and introduction to the world, before he created “The Git Up” and felt compelled to shift plans. Once again, a fortuitous circumstance governs the song’s journey, most recently due to a surge in popularity, with more than 57,000 Shazams the past two weeks alone after being featured in the first episode of Netflix’s top trending series, Ginny & Georgia
                                                                The music video for the fast-paced, unconventional, unpredictable song was filmed in 2018 and mirrors the story of the song. Written about being so down and on the precipice of making a mistake out of desperation but choosing positivity instead, the video depicts Blanco’s frustration with the bank (the blue and red), plotting a robbery before choosing a better path for himself, in this case, music. Whether due to coincidence or having been influenced by the song’s lyrics, the main character of Ginny & Georgia (Georgia) experiences similar hardships throughout the show. Show creator Sarah Lampert shared that the song was an inspiration in writing the character of Georgia and frequently played “CountryTime” while writing.
                                                                “I heard the song on a playlist randomly when I was working and it immediately became Georgia’s song when I was writing. Georgia has to balance so many different things, she’s beautiful, brilliant, devious, loving, dangerous and funny. The song felt like that for me. It was a blend of all different styles and was so unique in tone but fun and energetic,” said Sarah Lampert, creator of Ginny & Georgia“That became the song for Georgia that I’d play in the writers room. It had the fun energy I wanted for the show with an edge of something else brewing under the surface and had surprises. Also, it had that country flavor. I love it and that’s why it was put in that montage of Georgia in the pilot when we are first getting to know her.”
                                                                “To have a fellow creator be inspired by your work is an unbelievable feeling and makes me want to work harder—thank you, Sarah for helping share my purpose with the world,” said Blanco Brown. “Like most things in life, our plans for this song and video didn’t go the way we originally thought but I always felt there was something special about this song and I’m incredibly grateful to be here to witness this moment.”
                                                                In September, Blanco was in a life-threatening motorcycle accident that nearly claimed his life. He required several 12-hour surgeries and weeks in the ICU and is still on a journey to full recovery. Like “CountryTime,” Blanco is leaning on music to heal—read about how the power of positivity is aiding his rehabilitation in Billboard and People. Also proving uplifting is another milestone. On Monday, “Just the Way,” his current single with Stoney Creek Records’ platinum-selling band, Parmalee, reached the top spot on the Country radio charts in the US and Canada, marking his first radio No. 1.
                                                                ABOUT BLANCO BROWN:
                                                                Blurring the lines between Country and hip-hop music, Blanco Brown makes a southern sound that he proudly calls “TrailerTrap.” It’s a boundary-breaking, multicolored genre of his very own — which draws upon the rawness and storytelling abilities of his two biggest musical influences, Johnny Cash and Outkast. His debut album, Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs, shows off the full range of its creator, who juggled multiple roles as the project’s songwriter, producer, vocalist, visionary, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, harmonica, lap steel, spoons, tambourine, to name a few). Since 2014, Blanco has been honing in on his unique sound, which is a mix of countrified influences and street-smart lingo, that balances both the urban and rural settings in which he grew up. His viral hit “The Git Up” (certified 3x PLATINUM) took the world by storm, claiming the top spot in charts across the global and spawning nearly four billion views across social platforms. It claimed the #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for 12 weeks and was the top-selling digital Country song in the US for 13 weeks resulting in Billboard naming him as their #1 Top New Country Artist for 2019. The music video, which premiered across CMT, MTV, BET and Nick, earned more than 20 million YouTube views in a month. In addition to being named Billboard’s “7 Country Acts to Watch in 2019,” the Georgia native is a background singer, artist and Grammy-nominated engineer who has worked with big name talent including Fergie, Childish Gambino, Kane Brown and Chris Brown. The multi-talent’s collaboration “Just the Way” with the Platinum-selling band, Parmalee has garnered more than 150 million on-demand streams in the US alone to become Brown’s first No. 1 hit on Country radio. In September 2020 Brown was in a life-threatening accident and has been recovering, leaning on creating music to heal.