Are you stalkin' to me? Thanks to technology you will never be alone again!

I like my alone time. Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s more to do with enjoying a weird loner vibe, or my part-time social anxiety. But the point is, for the most part, time by myself is bliss. Lets face it, nowdays it is nearly impossible to go off-grid. As a sweet gesture my friend said I should get a tracking app called Find My Friends - it was my first trip down the M4 to London, and for peace of mind she wanted to check up on me. This didn’t actually happen, but with two hours to kill it did get me thinking. Based on very basic research the jist is that you can find your friends who also have the app (as long as they accept your request to stalk them, and vise versa). It starts with a concerned friend. But where does it end? A pocessive husband? A bunny boiler? Or some nosey prick who I now recommend flicks to our Get a Life collumn. It’s just a bit much, and yeah quite stalkerish. Find My Friends seems like a harmless and fun fad to me, but for those who are borderline obsessive this app is an enabler. Personally I think a little bit of mystery is quite healthy, so if you get to the point of downloading an app because you don’t trust where your partner says they’re at your relationship has probably died a death. If Moulin Rouge has taught me anything it is that “without trust, there is no love” - preach. Is this also not a little bit needy? Kind of ‘well I may not be able to hang out with my friends, but I can follow their every move by staring at my phone’. Cool story bro. The only legit service tracking apps provide is for parents checking in on their underage children, for genuine safety measures. This should not be used as a toy by basics who obsess over every minor detail. I don’t condone stalking but, credit where it’s due, there’s merit in the creative process and effort behind stalking before iPhone’s came along. This app, like most, is just sheer laziness.

  • Are you stalkin' to me? Thanks to technology you will never be alone again!