There is some great nightlife to be found around Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire. All you need to do is to look in the right places to find great music, great drinks and great food… Wiltshire Wiltshire nightlife offers a lot of variety for every night owl and fun hunter. The city of Salisbury, for example, was awarded a Purple Flag for its incredible nightlife. In its centre you’ll find restaurants, diners and eateries of all kinds, including independently run holes in the wall that are filled with character, charm and the smell of incredible food. If you’re into the cultural side of nightlife you can visit the Salisbury Playhouse of the Arts Centre. If you want a sit-down drink you can pick from a mix of historic and modern pubs and inns. In the Market Place you can sit outside and watch the sky darken while you sip a local brew. When it comes to clubs, too, you’re spoilt for choice. Although, the favourite amongst the Salisbury clubs is the Chapel that offers live DJ events and an eclectic mix of music styles to suit everyone’s taste. Enjoy festivals, exhibitions and much, much more. West Berkshire There is some great nightlife to be found around West Berkshire that’s dotted all over the place. While you might have to do a bit of foraging to find it, you won’t regret the search. Newbury, for example, has a lot of pubs and bars to visit as well as a couple of clubs. The Red House is one of the favourites amongst the pub selection, with decent prices, fantastic customer service and a Sunday lunch menu that can’t be beat. There’s also the Canal Bar which is, as the name would suggest, right on the canal. Every now and then you can get live music events and it’s absolutely free to attend. While rock is usually the favoured genre they mix it up every now and then with something new. If you’re looking to play some games you can also visit Casino Slots. This quaint little gaming centre has a range of games to keep your evening interesting. Or, if online slots are your thing, you can visit Best Deal Casino to read reviews from all of the best online casinos. Oxfordshire The best place to find booming nightlife in Oxfordshire is Oxford. The bars and pubs here are, for the most part, quaint and rustic and plentiful. If you want to settle in for some evening drinks then you won’t be stuck for options. Around every corner you’ll find either a cosy pub or an upcycled bar. You’ll also find that a lot of the bars have an interesting history, so be sure to check to walls for photographs and newspaper clippings or ask around to get some interesting stories. When it comes to clubs, on the other hand, it’s the students who are running the show. Clubs like Lola’s, Plush, Cellar and Wahoo normally cater to the college crowd, so students and young people can be found in abundance around these venues on a Friday night. On the other hand, you can find venues big and small around Oxford for some great live music. The Bullingdon is one great venue, for example, where you’ll occasional find some fantastic live jazz bands and in the other half of the venue you can grab some delicious and pleasantly priced cocktails.