A Beginner's Guide To Building A Vape Set-Up

Vaping provides its users with the opportunity to personalise their devices, to suit their style and needs. Since there is a rising number of choices available, users can easily go and build their vape if they do not find a device in a shop that is within their budget or matches what they want.

Although searching for how to build a vaping set-up might lead you to some homemade vape pen tutorials and posts, it is highly recommended that you avoid using household items to create your vape - or even vape juice. Using household items to create your homemade vape pen can increase the risk of potential fires or releasing dangerous fumes.

Instead, use this guide to help you select the right components needed for you to build your vape set-up.

The Components That Make Up A Vaping Device

Vaping devices have two main components: an atomizer and a battery. The atomizers often consist of a coil that is stuffed with cotton. The cotton is soaked with liquid, and once the voltage has been applied to the coil, it then heats up and vaporises the liquid to create the vape smoke. There is the option to buy the wire and make your coils, or you can purchase prebuild coils.

Out of the two, the battery is the most basic part of a vaping device. It provides power and is the heat source of the device. There are various shapes and styles of batteries available. However, if you were looking to enhance your vaping experience, then investing in a battery that can adjust its power is recommended.

It is also important to select the right battery, as is it vital to ensure the safety of your device. With any electronic device, there is also the risk of it setting a light, vape is not excluded. Many thoroughly enjoy choosing their vape batteries when customising their vape devices. This is so that they can produce more power and create bigger vapour clouds. Whilst on this quest to find the battery which offers the most power, the basics of vaping battery safety is often ignored. When you look to purchase good quality rechargeable batteries, that you handle them with care to reduce the risk of them malfunctioning.

Finding The Right Mod

Whilst the atomiser and battery are the key components, there are also other aspects of a vaping device that are needed, such as mods. The mod is where the battery is stored, and depending on the type of the mod, it can sometimes house other electronics. Before you begin the task of building your mod, you need to know what type of mod you want to build. These can be split into various categories.

Regulated Mods – These contain a chip with certain safety features, which let you adjust the power by pressing a button or turning a dial. Additionally, they often have a screen that displays the power, battery life and more. Although there are various types of chips available, more often than not these are nothing to worry about as they do all the control on the chip. Some chips can work with just one battery, whereas others need a higher voltage, especially ones that can output a higher power. For these, multiple batters are needed to increase the voltage.

Unregulated Mods/Mechanical Mods – In these mods, the circuit is closed all mechanically. These are often shaped like a tube or a box. The power output of the vape is determined by the voltage of the battery the resistance of your coil.

The level of resistance in the coil will have a significant influence on the type of vaping experience you will have. Regular or “higher” Ohm coils will produce less heat in the coil, which in turn produces less vapour. It also drains the battery at a slower rate and uses less liquid. Lower Ohm coils will produce more heat in the coil which increases vapour production. Unlike regular Ohm coils, these drain the battery at a far quicker rate and uses more liquid.

There are various vape mods available on the market today, with many large suppliers showcasing their range of luxury, high-end and custom vape mods.

After building your vape set-up, aside from using it, the final step is ensuring that you maintain the quality of the coil or pod to prolong its lifespan. It is important to always have an e-liquid inside the tank or pod. By letting it dry out, it can spoil the coil or pod and drastically reduce the life and length of use of the equipment. Refill your pod or tank when you notice that it is about 1/3 full. The best way is to top it up throughout the day, as well as ensuring that you always have a bottle of e-liquid on hand whenever you are travelling.